White Biryani: Barbecue Benefits


White Biryani is now grilling meat and flipping chapattis to win hearts. At their newest outlet at Boat Basin, or Karachi’s Barbecue pit stop, the restaurant launched its barbecue menu on December 15 and is rapidly setting new standards for cultural staples such as Malai Tikka and Seekh Kebabs.

While their menu may not be at the head of the pack, their food certainly is; their Malai Tikka is effortlessly tender and smothered in malai, served with a side of freshly sliced onions and tomatoes. According to the owner, 10 different cooks had to endure a rigorous cooking challenge before one was crowned the barbecue maestro and entrusted with the tricky task of outdoor grilling. Their Seekh Kebabs are also noteworthy with the ground spices taking flavour up a notch.

The restaurant’s commitment to good food is evident throughout the tasting; their non-greasy flatbreads are made using laal atta and their parathas are flaky and light without leaving you with oily fingers. Their yogurt isn’t the diluted sort available at similar, inexpensive restaurants and their chutney is one you can try without worrying about an upset stomach later. Almost everything served at the eatery is fresh and the ingredients are treated with the respect they deserve.

With an already strong foothold in the biryani space, the restaurant has truly emerged as a reliable all-rounder. So, if you are narrowing down to an eatery that delivers on all fronts, certainly give White Biryani at Boast Basin a go.